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     Texas-Style Cattle Ranch in Greenville TX !! 

An "ugly duckling" of a Cattle Barn, turned into an authentic Texas Wedding and Events Destination !

Our Founders

Sid & Ginger Snedeker


Their Retreats include from you just dropping in for brunch,

or a several day-stay, just as if you were visiting "grandma and grandpa".

Men's Retreat groups have enjoyed gathering around the bond-fire to fellowship and worship.  

Ladies' groups love the frilly atmosphere we prepare for them, and they keep coming for more !

Church Leadership groups meet to hear God's plan for the coming year, usually from Nov to January.  

Pastoral Retreats

The Pastoral Retreats are totally confidential and only by recommendation. 

They are offered to "one Pastor (and family or spouse) at a time".

Usually they are held during the week, to protect the Pastor and his family from missing the  Sunday Worship Service.

The animals at the ranch, as well as the walking trails with the meditation stops have a part on the emotional healing, while Fred and Wilma (the donkeys) allows you to feed them carrots!  

All this environment contributes to your recovery and  emotional health, you and your family ! 

The From on-the-rocks to On The rock Christian Ministries started, by the grace of God in 1995, was officially founded and filed with the State of Texas in 2002, as a Texas Non-profit organization, and received 501(c)(3) status in May 2015, under the Full Gospel Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries International, also known as "The Fellowship".

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